• The beauty of technology

    The new generation ROCK NC series offers an higher level of efficiency in programming and control of press brakes. The winning MADE in ITALY design and the high quality of all the construction details, guarantee prestigious performances and long product life.

  • Successfully controlling precision and productivity

    Nowadays, modern sheet metal production is inconceivable without highperformance software. Highly effective control algorithms optimize the machine cycle, reduce the time required for set-up and ensures consistently high quality.

  • Robust capacitive touch screen

    ROCK offers the best and efficient solution in touch sensor technology. A robust glass cover guarantee sharp images.

    ROCK Features

    • Scheduled Maintenance Management for a machine always efficient
    • Advanced programming assisted by attachments and video
    • Sampling of the material for an accurate production
    • Exporting of computed flat patterns as DXF files
    • Tools and parts import from CAD
    • 3D Simulation with automatic best bend sequence identification with collision detection
    • Automatic tool selection and machine tooling


Supply 24Vdc
Cpu card ITX module, low power consumption,
Quad Core Intel Atom J1900 2.0GHz RAM DDR3 2Gb
Monitor Colours LCD TFT, Capacitive Touch-screen
Hard Disk mSATA 16 GByte
Serials 5 RS232, 1 RS422/RS485
USB 7 ports 2.0 (one on frontal panel) and 1 port 3.0
Ports SVGA, HDMI, GPIO, 1 Parallel, PS2
Net Card 2 Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45.
Model Software Maximum axes
ROCK 17 Expert 2D 12
ROCK 17+ IDEA 3D 12
Rock 22 Advanced 3D 12


All Under Control

Motion is the modular units that STEP designed to interface and control all types of Press brakes: hydraulics, electrical and hybrids. It’s equipped with a PLC logic with a lot of inputs/outputs. The numerical control, connected through Can Bus or USB interface to one or more Motion modules, is able to completely manage the machine.

  • Motion3 is the compact module able to drive up to 3 axes.
  • Motion4 is the standard module able to drive 4 axes.
  • Motion4+ is the All in One solution which includes the digital amplifier board for the direct interface of the proportional valves.
Details +
Visio System

LED Bend Guiding System

STEP has designed a new system of bending assisted by a multicolor LED bar. The system, named LED Bend Guiding System, is used to describe a lot of conditions, that helps the operator to interact quickly with the machine. Productivity and aesthetics are combined in an efficient manner.

Visio System



IDEA PC is the office software for bending programming. Allows you to perform both the design of the product and the check in offline mode, thus not interfere with the normal production of the plant. IDEA BEND is a complete suite that faces and solves all the bending management problems. Developed on the IDEA PC platform, provides multiple machines management and a careful selection of printing reports.

Offline Solutions

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