Idea PC & Idea Bend

Idea PC & Idea Bend Offline solutions


Office software for bending programming. Allows you to perform both the design of the product and the check in offline mode, thus not interfere with the normal production of the plant.


Complete suite that faces and solves all the bending management problems. Developed on the IDEA PC
platform, provides multiple machines management, parts import in DXF, IGES and Step format and a careful
selection of printing reports.

  • Precision and productivity made simple

    Nowadays, modern sheet production is inconcievable without a high-performance software. A highly efficient control alghoritm optimizes the machine cycle, reducing the time required for the set-up and ensures a consistent high quality.

  • No need to stop the production anymore

    IDEABEND is a complete suite which faces and solves all the bending management issues. It allows to carry out both the product design and the verification in offline conditions, without interfering with the production.


    • 2D and 3D parts Editor
    • DXF import of the pieces, including the bending data
    • Solid parts import (IGES, STEP)
    • Parts imports in all native formats (Option)
    • Automatic tools selection and machine’s tooling up
    • 3D Simulation with automatic best bend sequence identification with collision detection
    • Exporting of computed flat patterns as DXF files
    • PDF report with full details of the programs
    • Production times and costs estimation
    • Direct connection to cnc by lan
    • Possibility to configure more than 1 machine
    • INDUSTRY 4.0 READY Production management and scheduling
Part Import

Parts import can be done in more manner:

  • DXF import of the pieces, including the bending data
  • STEP / IGES import
  • Parts imports from lots of native formats (Option)

Assembly management also allows you to import medium to high complexity 3D drawings, in IGES and STEP formats, to be analyzed and decomposed in all constituent parts.

Idea PC & Idea Bend
Part Process

The software is able to analyze the imported piece and automatically identify the most suitable equipment and the best bending sequence.
Thanks to the 3D view it is possible to scroll the sequence manually and view the results obtained.

Idea PC & Idea Bend
Document the process

IDEABEND allows you to generate, for each program, the PDF Report which summarizes the main information obtained from the study of the piece, including the tooling, the bending sequence, the time estimate, the
QR Code associated with the program and many others useful data for the operator.

Idea PC & Idea Bend
Process monitoring

The Industry 4.0 package includes all the functions that allow you to manage the scheduling of programs directly from the office, monitor the progress of production and view the status of the machine in real time.

Idea PC & Idea Bend

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