PLC eMotion Smart digital Motion Control

PLC eMotion

eMotion is the new modular units that STEP designed like evolution of the traditional Motion line, to interface and control all types of Press brakes: hydraulics, electrical and hybrids.
It extends the traditional functions with the addition of the support of the EtherCAT protocol for the interface to the drives, of the interface to the absolute linear scales and provides for an Ethernet communication with the CNC.

  • eMotion3 is the compact module able to drive up to 3 axes.
  • eMotion4 is the standard module able to drive 4 axes.
  • eMotion4+ is the All in One solution which includes the digital amplifier board for the direct interface of the proportional valves.
  • eMotionY is the module that provides 2 traditional axes for Y1-Y2 and an Ethercat Master for controlling the register axes
  • eMotionY+ adds to eMotionY an I / O expansion board and the amplifier for driving the proportional valves

PLC eMotion

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