Refurbishing of machine

The experience of STEP Automation in the production of numerical controls and devices for automation, the design and construction of electrical panels and the knowledge of safety systems and devices, allow to face the revision of bending machines, shears and folding with competence and effectiveness.

Starting from the state of the system, we are able to formulate overhaul interventions in order to fully satisfy the customer’s needs, safety regulations and contain costs. The ability to manage, program and customize all the intelligent devices of the system guarantee effectiveness in the interface of the pre-existing automatisms as well as in the addition of automations (interlocking, robots, …) to increase the functionality of the system.

The installation of a new STEP Automation CNC, in addition to increasing the versatility and productivity of the plant, offers a complete package of functions, from an Industry 4.0 perspective, for production management, real-time monitoring of the plant, remote technical assistance. Combined with office software, they make the refurbished system aligned and competitive with the new systems.

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