The new generation of controls has adopted the touch screen as best solution for an intuitive and interactive programming EASY use a modern wide screen LCD with an accurate capacitive touch panel. EASY includes a simple way to programming cutting throw a table that required few data. EASY offers a compact and efficient solution at an attractive price for both SWING SHEARS and for ADJUSTABLE RACK ANGLE SHEARS.

EASYCUT Features

  • Back gauge support
  • Front supports through programmable machine functions
  • Cutting Length and Angle through potentiometer
  • Pilot Blade GAP with potentiometer feedback
  • Back gauge programmable retract
  • Cuttings time table support
  • Database of materials with cutting data


screenshot easycut screenshot easycut
Supply 24Vdc
Cpu card low power consumption, Quad Core 1.2GHz, RAM 1Gb
Monitor Colours LCD 7” TFT, wide screen 800x480 pixels, capacitive Touch-panel
Flash Disk MicroSD 8 GByte
Serials 1 RS232 (optional)
USB 4 ports 2.0
Net Card Ethernet 10-100 Base T, with TCP/IP protocol
WiFi Included
Dimensions 250(h) x 170 x 50 mm
Weight 1.5 Kg


EASYCUT PLC is the module that STEP Automation designed to interface and control all types of Shears. The modules are totally configurable and upgradeable by the numerical control by USB connection.
SHEAR-PLC can drive until 3 axes and is equipped with analog input for potentiometers connection and with analog output for axes and proportional valve controls. With it’s 12 I/O in combination with PLC functionality the module can optimally be configured to meet the most complicated control demands.

Serials N°1 USB, N°1 RS232, N°1 Canbus (until 1Mbaud)
Digital Inputs/Outputs 12 digital inputs 24Vdc
12 digital outputs 24Vdc / 500mA
Encoders interface 3 inputs for incremental encoders (+5Vdc)
Analogical Inputs/Outputs 2 analog inputs ±10V 3 analog output ±10V to control
3 axes
Pressure / Auxiliary controls 2 analog outputs (0-10) V
Dimensions 270 mm (Height) x 35 x 100
Supply 24Vdc Power: 7,6 W (320mA)

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